Player Statistics

  • /me: Posts your Brawl Stars profile.

    • This command will display your Brawl Stars profile, including your trophies, level, and other essential stats.

  • /me-battles: Posts your Brawl Stars battle log.

    • Example: /me-battles

    • Use this command to share a detailed log of your recent battles, including the results and key statistics.

  • /me-winrates: Posts details about your Brawl Stars win rates.

    • Example: /me-winrates

    • This command provides insights into your win rates, helping you analyze your performance across different game modes and brawlers.

  • /image-me: Posts an image of your Brawl Stars profile.

    • Example: /image-me

    • This command generates and posts a visual representation of your profile, perfect for sharing on social media or with your friends.

  • /image-winrate: Posts an image of your win rate statistics.

    • Example: /image-winrate

    • Use this command to create and share an image that visually displays your win rates across various aspects of the game.

Club Statistics

In addition to individual player statistics, the BrawlTools bot also allows you to track and share information about your Brawl Stars club.

  • /club: Posts your Brawl Stars club profile.

    • Example: /club

    • This command provides detailed information about your club, including its name, trophies, and member stats.

  • /image-club: Posts an image of your Brawl Stars club.

    • Example: /image-club

    • Generate and share a visual representation of your club profile, highlighting key details and achievements.

Admin Commands

For server administrators, the BrawlTools bot includes commands to manage live updates and statistics sharing.

  • /me-live: Activate a live ticker in the current channel. (Active for 3 hours)

    • Example: /me-live

    • This command starts a live ticker that updates in real-time with your Brawl Stars activities and stats, providing a dynamic feed for your channel.

  • /me-live-stop: Stop the live ticker.

    • Example: /me-live-stop

    • Use this command to deactivate the live ticker at any time before the 3-hour limit, stopping the live updates in the channel.

For more detailed information and additional commands, visit the BrawlTools website or refer to the in-bot help command.

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