Slash Commands do not appear

  • Update Your Discord Client:

Keeping your Discord client up-to-date ensures compatibility with the latest features, including Slash Commands. Head over to the Discord website or app store and check for any available updates.

  • Reinvite the BrawlTools Bot:

Sometimes, a simple refresh can do the trick. Kick BrawlTools from your server and then reinvite the bot using the latest invite link from the website.

  • Grant Necessary Permissions:

Similar to roles, Discord Slash Commands require specific permissions to function. Ensure the BrawlTools bot role has the required permissions to perform its actions. This might include things like "Read Messages," "Send Messages," "Manage Roles" (for Admin commands), and so on. Double-check your server settings and adjust permissions as needed.

  • Check BrawlTools Status:

In rare cases, the issue might lie with BrawlTools itself. Please check if Brawl Tools have outages currently.

  • Still Having Issues?

If you've tried these steps and your BrawlTools Slash Commands remain elusive, consider reaching out to BrawlTools support for further assistance.

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