Premium FAQ

  1. To request a custom bot you need the Premium Supporter Subscription. You can purchase this on Patreon

  2. Now connect your Discord account with Patreon. This will give you direct access to our private premium area on our Discord server.

  3. Create a new Discord Bot and activate all Privileged Gateway Intents (Presence Intent, Server Members Intent, Message Content Intent)

  4. Generate a Bot Invite Link (Admin Permissions), Copy your Bot Token and your ServerID and send us these information via Support Ticket / DM

  5. We'll setup few things and run your bot within 24h.

Alternative you can checkout this Video.

We need your Bot Invite to invite the Bot to our Emojis Server. This guarantees that the bot can display the emojis correctly.

For information on canceling or managing your subscription, visit the "Subscription Settings" section on Patreon. If you encounter any issues, contact our support team for assistance. It's only recommended to switch if you plan to stay with BrawlTools Premium for an extended period of time.

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