The Playground is a section on our Discord server specifically designed to test and try out new BrawlTools features. Since our server has unlimited premium benefits, all members can use these features before they are officially released.

Benefits of the Playground:

  • Test new features: Be one of the first to try out the latest BrawlTools features and provide feedback.

  • Understand features better: Experiment with the features in a safe environment and learn how they work.

  • Design your own channels: Check out our example channels and get inspired on how to design your own channels.

  • Helpfulness: Our community is always ready to help you if you have questions or need support.

How to use the Playground:

  1. Join our Discord server:

  2. Go to Channels & Roles and select the Playground Section

  3. Go to the #playground-info: In this channel you will find all the information about the new released beta Features.

  4. Test the feature and give feedback: Try out the feature and share your thoughts with us in the feedback channel. The use of these Commands are limited to the #playground Channel

We look forward to your participation!

The Playground is a great way to try out and understand new BrawlTools features. With your help, we can improve the features and make BrawlTools even better.

Further information:

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