👑Auto Setup

This Feature requires a premium Subscription!

This optional command streamlines the setup process for certain BrawlTools features. While not strictly necessary, it can simplify the initial configuration for features such as Verify Roles or Club Roles.

Additional Notes:

  • These configuration options are typically used by server administrators or individuals entrusted with managing bot functionalities like Bot commander.

Available Auto Setup Functions:

• Verify Roles

• Trophy Roles

• Solo Win Roles

• Duo Win Roles

• 3vs3 Win Roles

• Brawler Roles

• Level Roles

• Ranked League Roles

• Club Roles

The following is a walk through of setting up the Verify Roles function.

  1. Select a Role Function:

  1. The Bot will always explain what it is going to set and ask you for confirmation.


  • @✔️is verified: This role is assigned to users who have successfully verified their Brawl Stars account with the Discord bot.

  • @❌ not verified. Verify in #『』bs-verify: This role is assigned to users who haven't verified yet, and the message attached to the role encourages them to visit the #『』bs-verify channel for instructions.


  • #『🔰』bs-verify: This channel is where users go to initiate the verification process by linking their Brawl Stars account with the Discord Bot.

  • #『🚦』verifylog: This Channel logs verification-related events.

  1. Once you confirm these Configuration, he will create Roles & Channels for you.

Automatically Synchronization The Bot automatically Synchronization all Discord Server Roles after 22h.

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