Switching Accounts and Stats with Brawl Tools

Switching Accounts and Stats with BrawlTools

BrawlTools provides convenient menus for managing your Brawl Stars accounts and preferences, allowing you to seamlessly switch between different profiles and customize your stats display.

Choose Account Menu

The "Choose Account" menu enables you to select the Brawl Stars account you want to use with BrawlTools. This is particularly useful if you have multiple accounts linked to your Discord account. To switch accounts:

  1. Access the "Choose Account" menu using the appropriate command.

  2. A list of your linked Brawl Stars accounts will be displayed.

  3. Select the desired account by typing its corresponding name.

BrawlTools will then switch to the selected account, and all subsequent commands will use that account's data.

Choose Your Stats Menu

The "Choose Your Stats" menu allows you to customize the statistics displayed when using certain commands, such as /me and /me-winrates. This gives you greater control over the information you want to see.

  1. Access the "Choose Your Stats" menu using the appropriate command.

  2. A list of available stat categories will be presented.

  3. Select the stat categories you want to include or exclude by typing their corresponding numbers or names.

  4. Save your changes by confirming your selection.

BrawlTools will remember your preferences and apply your chosen stats to the specified commands.

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